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A&L Underground, Inc.
Telecommunication Division specializes in providing a full scope of outside plant fiber, duct, cable, coax and peripherals construction installation. A major part of the A&L Telecommunications Division culture is found in its keen awareness and respect for our clients and their customers.  Testimonies from hundreds of CLEC's, RBOC's, IXC's, CAP's and RTC's attest to A&L's "outstanding quality of workmanship", "depth of next-generation experience" and "teamwork approach to timely job completion".





A&L's Telecommunications Division has turnkey experience and will provide EPC services often by partnering with suppliers and other specialty service providers or engineers.  We have partnered with several long haul and local operators and aggressively pursue channel relationships for a wide scope of services.  We have municipal overbuild (aerial and underground), joint trench (electrical, gas and telecom in the same ditch) and EPC (engineer procuring construction) customers throughout the United States.




8375 Melrose Drive
Lenexa, Kansas 66214, USA
Phone: 1 913 438 2981
Fax: 1 913 438 3815










A&L Underground, Inc. has provided in-town network construction for over 24 years.  We know the required training and planning necessary to excel in tight corridor, inner-city over-build conditions.  We have experience in installing fiber, coppe, coax, HFC….trenching, plowing, boring, directional drilling….and we have worked in every imaginable soil and climate condition.








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