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A&L 's extensive drilling fleet includes rigs that range in power from custom-built units with 360,00 lbs (500,000 with winch assist) of pullback force to a variety of mini-rigs built by Vermeer and Ditchwitch.  A&L is capable of handling drilling projects from 2 to 42-inch diameter and to 5,000 feet and beyond in length.  A&L has successfully completed a wide range of drills under large rivers, bays, runways, buildings, shore approaches, railroad crossing and wetlands.  We have experience in drilling in all types of soil conditions including sand, coral, lava and hard rock. 

A & L Underground, Inc. is a diversified directional drilling contractor, serving among others, the environmental industry. Soil or groundwater remediation, rehabilitation of existing infrastructure are areas in which A & L Underground is responding to today's environmental needs.





A&L entered the directional drilling market in 1985 when we built one of the industry's first “mini-rigs”, a pit-launched, but steerable, drilling rig to perform rock drills for the telecommunications industry. Since that time we have grown to be an industry leader in directional drilling, capable of handling an entire project, from initial site investigation through drilling and as-builts.  We have extensive international drill experience in North and South America. Much of our international drilling work is done in cooperation or joint venture with local national contractors and we are always looking for such opportunities.  Privet and governmental participants are welcome to contact us about specific opportunities in the directional drilling or pipeline markets. 

A&L's “pipe-side” capability includes experience with all utility types and sizes, including polyethylene and steel.  By including our pipeline or gas distribution divisions we can provide customers with a turnkey contract solution on almost any HDD project whether in the US or international in scope.




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With trench-less technology, environmentally sensitive areas can be addressed with minimal disruption and at tremendous cost savings. A & L owns and operates directional drilling rigs from the very large to the small mini-rig class, all of which are available to the environmental community.

Horizontal wells also provide an effective method for removal of methane gas and enhancing leach-ate collection systems without sacrificing the integrity of the landfill or other containment systems.












Horizontal Potable Water Well – Des Moines, Iowa .

The city of Des Moines' infiltration gallery water system was antiquated and insufficient to handle the expanding population. The city found an abundant water supply in a shallow aquifer located beneath the Racoon River valley. Because of the nature of the aquifer and the city's desire to control draw-down, they chose to install a horizontal well rather than the more traditional vertical wells.
The city selected A&L Underground to install the well. A&L was selected because of their reputation, their expertise in HDD and their track record. A pilot test was initiated to design and install one well. If it performed at its designed flow of 2,200 gpm, seven other wells would be installed. A&L did the 1,820 foot horizontal directional bore and installed 1,229 feet of 12-inch well screen with 300 feet of 18-inch steel lead pipe and 300 feet of 12-inch steel tail pipe.




Chevron Pipeline - Salt Lake City, Utah

Dual pipelines had originally been installed along a residential street through the City of West Bountiful and a city road project was not going to require their relocation. After examining options to reroute, the pipelines' existing location appeared most economical despite stringent city requirements for their installation.
A&L Underground installed 8,000 linear feet of dual eight inch product lines with a directionally drilled hole, making this transmission pipeline rerouting one of A&L's longer single horizontal directionally drilled projects. Chevron had specified drilling on the job due to a number of local concerns.
The City imposed time restraints, noise and environmental controls, as well as depth requirements throughout the residential area. Extremely rigid time constraints imposed by Chevron's pumping schedule also posed concerns. The lines were installed in less than four weeks, far ahead of schedule. Quicker drilling completion was attributed to the use of surface survey techniques.


Chevron Pipeline Project



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