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A&L is committed to providing quality services to our customers and a safe work environment for our employees.  Each division location maintains a sophisticated in-house training program to meet today's rigid operational and safety standards including US DOT mandated “Operator Qualification” training.  A&L’s computer based training (CBT) program addresses “covered tasks” included in all major US operators OQ plan.





Gas distribution is the foundation of A&L Underground’s pipeline construction business.  Most of A&L’s regional offices have multi-year blanket gas distribution and underground utility contracts with area municipal or investor-owned local distribution companies (LDC’s).  A&L started its business in gas distribution in 1977 contracting for what was then called the Gas Service Company located in both Kansas and Missouri in the USA.  After more than 30 years in the distribution business A&L has become a full service contractor to many of the major US LDC’s providing services from the town border station to the burner tip.




8375 Melrose Drive
Lenexa, Kansas 66214, USA
Phone:+1 913 438 2981
Fax:+1 913 438 3815










A&L maintains an extensive and complete equipment fleet, including all classes of directional drilling and rock excavation equipment capable of handling virtually any site requirement. Fully equipped PE and steel crews are available throughout the mid-west, south and southeast part of the US.  Select international markets are also of interest to A&L.  Installations by HDD, insertion and pipe bursting are all part of A&L’s daily fair for the LDC customer.



Each regional location can offer installation of mains and services by conventional open cut or by mini-directional drilling.  Whether the project is new construction, emergency repair, upgrade or replacement, A&L has the qualified welders, fusion technicians, and experienced supervisors to meet any LDC need.  We have extensive experience in leak repair and can call on our pipeline division for large OD steel construction or the HDD division for major river crossing work. 
From our beginning in 1977 as a local LDC contractor we now install millions of feet of PE and steel pipe around the world.  We look forward to your call when the next blanket or project is ready to bid. 




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